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Boneheads and Brainiacs


Boneheads and Brainiacs

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by Moira Dolan, MD

Publication Date: March 10, 2020

Even the greatest minds in medicine have been terribly, terribly wrong.

The inventor of the lobotomy won a Nobel prize in medicine for destroying his patients' brains. Another Nobel laureate thought malaria cured syphilis. The discoverer of anaphylactic shock also researched the spirit world and ESP. A pioneer of organ transplants was an ardent eugenicist, while the founder of sports physiology heroically spoke out against Nazism.

Boneheads and Brainiacs profiles the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine from 1901 to 1950 — a surprisingly diverse group of racists, cranks and opportunists, as well as heroes, geniuses and selfless benefactors of humanity. Forget all the ivory tower stereotypes of white-coated doctors finding miracle cures. Boneheads and Brainiacs reveals the messy human reality behind medical progress, in a highly entertaining book written for the ordinary reader.

Some were bad scientists; others were great scientists and lousy human beings. But the majority of these researchers produced knowledge that now saves millions of lives — priceless discoveries like the role of vitamins in nutrition, the dangers of radiation, treatments for diabetes and deadly infectious diseases, and more. Boneheads and Brainiacs showcases the enthralling, all too human personal lives that made modern medicine possible.

An absorbing and easy-to-read history of medical progress in the 20th century — and a fascinating roundup of unforgettable and eccentric characters — Boneheads and Brainiacs will make you look at medicine and science in a whole new way.

About the Author: Moira Dolan, MD, is a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Medicine and has been a practicing physician for over thirty years. Dr. Dolan is a patient advocate and public speaker who educates patients on their rights and the need for a healthy skepticism of the medical profession. Dr. Dolan maintains a private medical practice in Austin, Texas.

$18.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6" x 9" • 250 pages

ISBN 978-1-61035-350-2

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