Submission Guidelines

Please note: Quill Driver Books and Craven Street Books are not accepting submissions at this time!


Quill Driver Books publishes nonfiction books only. If you’re interested in submitting a fiction manuscript, please see Pace Press.  Quill Driver books does not publish poetry or children’s books. If you have an idea for a nonfiction book that can educate, inform, or entertain an audience, Quill Driver Books wants to hear from you.



A strong submission will include:

A Query Letter: (one page) that includes:

  • The idea and purpose of your book.
  • The audience for the book.
  • Why you believe the book to be important or suitable
  • A paragraph introducing yourself, and any biographical or background information explaining your qualifications for writing the book.


A Book Proposal (no more than five pages) that includes:

SYNOPSIS:  An in-depth synopsis of the book offering an overview of the proposed book. This will  include:

  1. The book’s subject matter, purpose, and structure
  2. A book outline or table of contents, including brief descriptions of the material planned for each chapter.
  3. Descriptions or examples of any visual materials to accompany the text, such as photos, illustrations, charts, or other graphics.



  1. The audience  for the book: Who will be the readers for your book? What defines them? Are they a particular demographic? What interests do they have in common? Please be specific.
  2. How to reach this audience: What publications does your audience read? What websites do they visit? How can we publicize your book to them?
  3. The competition: What other books are there that already exist on this topic or are similar to this topic?
  4. What is your book’s competitive advantage: What elements of this book will make it stand out in the book market? How is your book different, unique, more complete, or superior?


AUTHOR PLATFORM:  This will include:

  1. Your complete biographical or professional information in relation to the book. How are you an expert on your subject or your field?
  2. Any website, blogs, or social media platforms where you contribute content that can help promote the book.
  3. Any professional organizations to which you belong that may relate to the book.



  • Include a sample 10-15 pages of your manuscript for evaluation.
  • Or you may include other proposal-related writing samples: articles, blog posts, etc.

To Send Proposal by Postal Mail

Send a package containing the required information to:

Linden Publishing/Quill Driver Books
Attn: Kent Sorsky
2006 S. Mary St.
Fresno, CA 93721

If you’d like the items returned, please include a self- addressed stamped envelope with postage to cover return mail.

To Send Proposal by Email

State in the subject window: BOOK PROPOSAL – Quill Driver Books
Address your email to



The Query and Proposal process is integral to quickly and adequately evaluate your book idea.  It shows us your organizational abilities, your writing skills, and your level of motivation.  We cannot take proposals over the phone or without the complete information we have requested in these submission guidelines.

If you’d like some great advice on how to write a terrific proposal, we suggest you order THE FAST TRACK COURSE ON HOW TO WRITE A NONFICTION BOOK PROPOSAL by Stephen Blake Mettee. It offers clear advice on what information to include, how to format your proposal, and how to make it irresistible to our editors.

If you’d like to build an online platform for your book or topic, begin right away. Social media connections on Facebook and a blog on the topic of your book are a great start.  Check out THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO BUILDING AN ONLINE PLATFORM for information.

Reviewing proposals can take time. Be patient. Naturally, if we are interested, we will contact you; however, if you wish to hear from us in the event we are not interested, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for our reply.

Keep in mind that every publisher turns down projects for reasons that have nothing to do with the merit or marketability of the book. Even if we aren’t interested, we encourage you to keep trying with other publishers.


Quill Driver Books is a traditional, royalties-paying imprint of Linden Publishing.


Returns and Exchanges

It's our goal to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If within 30 days of purchase you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase for a full refund (excluding postage). Or we can arrange an exchange for a new product. We can only accept returned products that are in good condition.

Ship returns to Linden Publishing, 2006 S. Mary St., Fresno, CA 93721. If you have any questions regarding returns, exchanges, or refunds, please call 1-800-345-4447.