A hardboiled and realistic take on crime fiction—Justice James Ardaiz’s new legal thriller “Fractured Justice”

Fractured Justice Cover

Few mystery novelists can match the real-world expertise of James A. Ardaiz. A distinguished lawyer and jurist, Ardaiz has been a prosecutor who worked hands-on with investigators, a municipal court judge, and Presiding Justice of California’s Fifth District Court of Appeal. Ardaiz intimately knows the world of lawyers, detectives, and men who kill, and his experience shows in the gritty, coldly realistic action of his new legal thriller Fractured Justice.

A legal thriller that follows a homicide case from the crime scene to the courtroom to a devastating aftermath, Fractured Justice introduces a new mystery series featuring assistant District Attorney Matt Jamison.

In his first major case, Jamison is confronted by a meticulously staged crime scene—a dead woman, carefully scrubbed of all forensic evidence, laid out on a canal bank in Jamison’s rural Central California county.

A serial killer is on the loose and adept at hiding his tracks. And before the murderer can be brought to justice, Jamison will lose his illusions about what justice means.

As a new victim is abducted and investigators race against time to stop the murderer, Jamison must cope with a sophisticated and elusive killer, a politically-minded sheriff eager to claim credit and spread blame, mounting pressure to win a high-profile trial, and his own conscience as part of the machinery of justice.

Featuring an intricate plot, a chillingly sophisticated villain, a dogged and determined protagonist and a clear-eyed assessment of how the justice system operates, Fractured Justice is a gripping, fast-paced and coldly realistic thriller—and a stunning debut novel by a remarkable new mystery writer.

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Take a fun-filled ride down a history of nostalgia in “Highway 99”

Stephen H. Provost is a journalist and a fantasy novelist, but he is also what might be called a Historian of Fun. Stephen’s first history book, Fresno Growing Up: A City Comes of Age 1945-1985, chronicled the pop culture of California’s fifth-largest city: its bands, sports, fads, hangouts, restaurants, and notable personalities. Now Stephen is taking on a bigger project with his new book Highway 99: The History of California’s Main Street.

Highway 99 is an ambitious project, the definitive history of one of California’s most historic highways. But like Fresno Growing Up, Highway 99 is also a History of Fun—in this case the innumerable roadside attractions, diners, restaurants, motels, hotels, and theme parks that have lined old Highway 99. Illustrated with wonderful historic photographs, Highway 99 gives an authentic feel of what it was like to go out on a road trip in the days when Highway 99 drifted through the downtowns of every city in the state.

Along the way, Highway 99 chronicles an amazing amount of history: the invention of basic highway equipment such as the center stripe and the road sign; the great Dust Bowl migrations of the Okies; the origins of California landmarks like Griffith Park and Magic Mountain; and the network of beacon towers for airplanes that briefly paralleled the highway in the 1920s; and numerous other fun and fascinating stories.

From the foundations of America’s fast-food culture to the birth of the Bakersfield Sound, the history of California has happened around Highway 99, and Highway 99 brilliantly depicts that history.

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Fight back against ear-splitting motorcycle noise with new “Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems”

Excessive noise is a serious public heath issue. High noise levels are associated with hearing loss, heart disease, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue and ringing in the ears. Loud noise also damages communities and reduces property values.

The nonprofit organization Noise Free America is fighting back on behalf of America’s peace and quiet with a new book, Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems: A Reference for Law Enforcement Officers and Motor Vehicle Inspectors, a handy visual guide that helps police easily identify the worst noise offenders on the road — illegal aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems.

Illustrated throughout with color photographs of illegal modified exhausts, Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems offers police officers and vehicle inspectors easy identification of illegal exhaust systems, providing unequivocal photographic evidence for a citation that will stand up in court.

Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems isn’t just for police officers — it’s a fantastic tool for ordinary citizens who want to advocate for quieter neighborhoods.

Boston Globe columnist Scott Lehigh has written that if citizen groups advocating for quiet are met with police objections that it’s difficult to distinguish illegal motorcycle exhausts, “You could recommend — or even give — to your local police the handy-dandy new Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems. It’s chockablock with pictures and advice on relatively easy ways to tell compliant from noncompliant exhaust systems.”

Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems is a great practical tool to help communities protect their health and property. Get your copy today.

Cover art for “Sunny Side Up” Revealed: millennial artist for millennial author

Pace Press, Linden Publishing’s latest imprint featuring entertaining and engaging genre fiction, is proud to present the artwork for Sunny Side Up, our upcoming mystery novel by author Daniel Stallings.

Sunny Side Up - Cover Design-04

A brand-new classic in the amateur detective genre, Sunny Side Up is a traditional murder mystery for the 21st century, with a glamorous setting, a gallery of suspects, clues that will keep readers guessing to the last page, and a delightful new hero in Li Johnson, the millennial minimum wage manhunter, who brings sleuthing to the service economy.

Sunny Side Up is the debut novel for Stallings, who (like his main character) is in his twenties.

For the cover design, we enlisted the talents of another twenty-something artist, Dominic Grijalva. The concept came from Stallings’ suggestions, but we asked Grijalva to execute the idea in the style of his Pop Culture Gif series of graphic designs. The result is a delightful mix of old and new style that fits the tone of Sunny Side Up perfectly.

Grijalva is a noted young graphic designer from the Central Valley in California who has experience with advertising design and designing video projections for theatrical productions. He has also had design commissions from theater stars Lin-Manuel Miranda for his TeeRico t-shirt line and up-and-coming musical theater composer Nick Blaemire. Grijalva has also recently been honored with a National Gold Star ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation Club for his poster design for the Selma Arts Center production of “Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play.”

Stallings’ love of Golden Age detective fiction by Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Raymond Chandler, and Rex Stout inspired him to bring the style of the classic murder mystery to digital-age audiences in a modern voice. In addition to writing mysteries, Stallings works in theater as a producer, director, and actor. Combining his interests in mysteries and theater, Stallings operates Master Mystery Productions, which produces custom interactive mystery game events. He currently serves as President of the Eastern Sierra Branch of the California Writers Club. Stallings lives in the city of Ridgecrest in California’s Mojave Desert.

Sunny Side Up will be available in March, 2018. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

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