Living On Your Own

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Living On Your Own


Living On Your Own

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Striking out on your own after a lifetime of living with your parents is equal parts exhilarating and intimidating, but most of all, it is awkward. There is so much that people expect you to know that no one ever bothered to tell you before - stuff you actually need to know to avoid bankrupting yourself through overspending, poisoning yourself with bad cooking, or drowning in a rising tide of dirty dishes and unwashed laundry.

You don't have to learn all this the hard way. Living On Your Own: The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Money, Your Space, and Your Life is the cheat sheet to help you take your first steps into adulthood with confidence. Living On Your Own is a completely practical guide to starting out as an independent adult, with hundreds of useful tips to help young people set up a new household. Whether you're moving into a college dorm or into post-college life, Living On Your Own gives you money-, time-, and trouble-saving recommendations, shortcuts, and lifehacks to make your transition smoother.

This readable and comprehensive reference gives answers to all of the decisions, dilemmas, and questions that invariably arise when setting up on your own. Looking for a place to live? Living On Your Own will show you how to cope with roommates and landlords, find a safe neighborhood, deal with moving expenses, and more.

Worried about your finances? Learn all about budgeting, mastering your credit score, saving for retirement, preventing identity theft, and other money topics. Covering everything from the basic budgeting, to home cooking on the cheap, to how to find an eco-friendly detergent, to staying healthy without insurance, to how to not catch an STD, Living On Your Own is an invaluable road map to early adulthood.

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