Grief Sucks

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Grief Sucks

Grief Sucks

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Gayle Taylor Davis had it all —a husband she adored, two successful daughters, and a career she enjoyed. Then one phone call took it all away, when a policeman called to tell her that her husband of 32 years had suddenly died of a heart attack. Plunged into the strange new world of grief, Davis began to write to make sense of her experience.

Grief Sucks … But Love Bears All Things is Davis’s deeply personal account of how she climbed out of grief, step by painful step — a no-holds-barred look at personal pain that is rarely shared or talked about.  Davis reveals the worst moments of what she describes as “gut-wrenching, ass-kicking grief” — days of tears, nights of wailing, and thoughts of suicide — and teaches the reader through her example that one can survive the worst.

Grief Sucks isn’t a self-help book, but an account of suffering that prepares the reader for the worst that life inevitably inflicts on us all. Written for the recently bereaved, Grief Sucks directly faces the wound of losing a loved one, focusing on how one can live through emotional pain and coming out the other side.

Instead of encouraging passive acceptance of mandatory stages of grief, Grief Sucks shows readers that grief is s life on loss or survival.

A brutally honest and intimate portrayal of raw grief in all its pain and ugliness, Grief Sucks rejects simple-minded words of comfort to address loss with the stark truth: This is the worst pain you will ever feel. And you will survive it.

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  • About the author
    Born in Pasco, Washington, Gayle Taylor Davis attended California State University, Fresno, and taught high school in California for 36 years. Davis’s husband of 32 years, Tony, died in 2005. Now Davis is remarried, retired, and writing a novel. She lives in Clovis, California.
  • For the Media
    GRIEF SUCKS MEDIA KIT available here in PDF.

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