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In this delightful, quick to read, business management allegory, Donna M. Genett Ph.D., uses an entertaining narrative about identical cousins, James and Jones, to introduce her successful six-step program for effective delegation.

Whether you are the one delegating or the one being delegated to, implementing these six steps is guaranteed to lighten your workload and give you more time to focus on what


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The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55

by Judith D. Grimaldi, Joanne Seminara, and Pierre A. Lehu
Publication Date: June 15, 2015
$16.95 ($21.95 Canada)
Trade Paperback
6″ x 9″
120 pages
ISBN 978-1-61035-258-1

Many people discover too late that they need some essential legal documents to deal with common health and end of life issues. Failing to prepare these documents ahead of time can create major legal headaches that often require expensive trips to court to resolve.

Written by expert attorneys, 5@55 is a slim, easy-to-read guide to the five most important legal documents you should have by age 55: Healthcare Advance Directive, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, and Authorization to Access Electronic Records and Media Sites.

These are the documents that everyone says they’ll get to “eventually.” But “eventually” all too often turns to “never.” Setting a deadline of age 55 to draft these essential documents ensures that they’ll be ready before you need them—and avoid nasty and costly surprises.

With full descriptions of each document, explanations of why you need it, and sample documents you can adapt to your own needs, 5@55 is a must-have manual for the second half of life.

5@55 Media Kit


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Put College to Work

How to Use College to the Fullest to Discover Your Strengths and Find a Job You Love Before You Graduate

by Kat Clowes, M.B.A.

College today is not preparing students for the modern job market—at a time when young people can expect to change careers five times or more, students are graduating with insufficient and obsolete job skills. The old rules for succeeding in college just don’t work anymore.

Put College to Work is a new kind of college guide, written by a Millennial for Millennials and designed for today’s world of uncertain employment, rapid career changes, and high student loan debt. The author knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t in today’s economy, both from her own experience as a student and her career as a college planning consultant. At a time when traditional college planning is failing to prepare students for working world, Put College to Work is a supremely practical guide to start building your career plan, your business contacts, and your job prospects.

Put College to Work shows how to identify your strengths, find the right career field and major to pursue, leverage your skills, and create your own opportunities. You’ll learn how to network to employers through your university’s career center, alumni association, and major donors, plus the industry and research connections of your professors.

Put College to Work presents a step-by-step plan to use the resources available to you in college (the resources you’re already paying for!) to enhance your education with practical experience, make connections with employers, market yourself as a dynamic and creative employee—and land a job before you graduate.

Put College to Work is the new rule book to how college really works today that will empower you to take action now to build your education, your career plan, your business contacts, and your job prospects.


About the Author: Kat Clowes figured out college the hard way. Having been a college student without a clue, Clowes spent ten years after graduation learning how she could have used her college resources to launch her career. After earning an M.B.A. and building a successful executive career, Clowes is now an independent educational consultant helping students use their time in college to gain meaningful employment after graduation.

$18.95 ($19.95 Canada) • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 280 pages

ISBN 978-1-61035-253-6




Put College to Work Media Kit



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Turn Your Intellectual Pursuits into Fun, Profit, and Recognition
by Michael R. Wing, Ph.D.

Today’s workforce is highly educated and underemployed, and many of us are in jobs that don’t fully use our skills, talents and interests. Passion Projects for Smart People is a unique career guide that shows how to do serious intellectual work in your spare time — and turn side projects into career-building opportunities.

Written by a high school science teacher who has done field work in six countries, published in professional journals and worked with NASA, Passion Projects for Smart People provides a blueprint for leveraging your intellectual interests to develop your career and earn professional recognition.

Passion Projects for Smart People shows how to become an intellectual entrepreneur and launch your own academic, scientific and artistic projects. Author Michael R. Wing dives into the nuts and bolts of how he created his own research projects in marine biology, high altitude gardening, astrobiology and archaeology.

Wing also profiles others who have created fascinating projects in backyard science, nature surveys, history, art, anthropology, poetry, conservation and more. These projects have also earned their creators substantial conventional success: book publishing deals, museum exhibits, art commissions, opportunities to teach and lecture, paid positions on scientific expeditions, and even full-time employment.

Passion Projects for Smart People provides specific strategies for making your project a success: how to form alliances with institutions, collaborate with others, apply for grants and travel opportunities, publish your work, and teach and mentor others.

The perfect career guide for the era of the Ph.D. barista, the underpaid adjunct and the gig economy, Passion Projects for Smart People will help you take charge of your career and your life.

Audience: Career advice readers, aspiring and established professionals, and anyone seeking fulfilling work.

About the Author: Michael R. Wing, Ph.D., is a high school science teacher in Anselmo, California. He has done field work throughout the world and worked in collaboration with NASA, the University of California, the Mars Institute, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Park Service.

$14.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 180 pages
ISBN 978-1-61035-306-9



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Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction
by Gary Rogowski

“Gary Rogowski leads us gently but surely upon the path to a type of success we may not have previously considered. (Hint: it involves blisters.)” —Nick Offerman, author of Paddle Your Own Canoe

A new classic in the tradition of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Shop Class as Soulcraft, Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction will help creative people in any field reconnect to the source of their creativity and revitalize their creative energy.

In Handmade, master craftsman Gary Rogowski confronts the greatest obstacles to creative focus in the modern age: distraction; pointless busyness; fear of failure; and the devil of self-doubt that tells you your work doesn’t matter. Handmade shows that the path around these obstacles is the act of creative work itself. The discipline of working with one’s hands, mind and heart to create unnecessarily beautiful things shapes the builder into a more complete human being.

Handmade tells the story of how the young Rogowski, an intellectual college graduate with no formal training in woodworking, became a craftsman through years of persistent labor, which taught him patience, resilience, tolerance for failure, and a love of pursuing beauty and mastery for their own sakes.

Rogowski punctuates the story of his growth as a craftsman with accounts of his hiking and mountaineering expeditions with his friend Wheaton, who taught him a different kind of perseverance and patience in the face of danger, discomfort, and the wild beauty of nature. In telling his stories, Rogowski reflects deeply on the lessons he has learned and presents a series of profound meditations on the eternal value of work, creativity, human fallibility, and the stubborn pursuit of quality.

Part autobiography, part guide to creativity, and part guide to living an authentic life, Handmade is a book for craftspeople, artists and anyone who seeks clarity, purpose and creativity in their work.
Audience: Artists, craftspeople, woodworkers, creative professionals, and anyone developing their creativity.

About the Author: Gary Rogowski is a furniture maker, designer, teacher and author. He is also a playwright, essayist, and novelist. His previous books include the best-selling Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery. Rogowski is the founder and director of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, A School for Woodworkers.


$18.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 180 pages
ISBN 978-1-61035-314-4
Self-Help / Creativity • Crafts & Hobbies




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The Power of Positive Aging

Successfully Coping with the Inconveniences of Aging

by David Alan Lereah, PhD

Publication Date June 2, 2020

Discover the extraordinary power of Positive Aging to prepare you for the greatest challenge of your life — growing old.

Americans now live longer than ever — a full 30 years longer than they did in the early 20th century. Our forever-young culture and personal expectations have not yet adapted to that change. These extra years can be a burden or an adventure, depending on your mental attitude. You can’t fight the inevitable changes to your aging body, but The Power of Positive Aging demonstrates that these changes are only inconveniences that won’t prevent living a fulfilling life.

The Power of Positive Aging offers a practical training guide to successfully cope with the physical and mental decline that accompanies aging. Based on life lessons learned during Lereah’s successful battle against cancer, The Power of Positive Aging gives readers an easy-to-follow program of mental and spiritual exercises teaching mindfulness and acceptance, plus strategies for pursuing a balanced life and seeking and accepting social support.

Written with warmth and compassion, The Power of Positive Aging encourages readers to not be afraid of aging but to celebrate their aging selves. The Power of Positive Aging shows how simple lifestyle modifications will transform your everyday life, helping you to live more joyously for the rest of your years.

The Power of Positive Aging shows how simple lifestyle modifications will transform your everyday life, helping you to live more joyously for the rest of your years. Growing older can be the best part of living when you embrace the power of positive aging.

About the Author: David Lereah is an economist, cancer survivor, motivational speaker, and founder of the nonprofit organization United We Age. He previously was the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors and the Mortgage Bankers Association. He is the author of four books, the most recent being All Real Estate Is Local. Lereah’s economic commentary has regularly appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Business Week, and on CNN, CNBC, and other media. Lereah began his career on the faculties of the University of Virginia and Rutgers University. He earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia. Lereah lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

$15.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 296 pages

ISBN 978-1-61035-360-1


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Be the Awesome Man: A Young Man’s Guide to Achieving Discipline, Success, and Happiness
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by Dennis Gazarek

Publication Date: December 1, 2020

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A diagnosis and a prescription for a generation of young men in crisis, Be the Awesome Man is a must-read guide for young men who want to achieve lasting success and personal happiness.

Young men are underachieving in unprecedented numbers. More and more young men are not attaining standard benchmarks of maturity, such as entering and graduating from higher education, finding a career, establishing their financial independence, and living on their own. Be the Awesome Man approaches the challenges of being a young man from a unique and practical perspective. Written in a sensible, easy-to-read format, Be the Awesome Man delves into the roots of male underachievement and provides practical guidance for young men and their parents, teachers, ministers, coaches, and other mentors.

Drawing on real-world experience as a coach, mentor, and father, author Dennis Gazarek provides methods to counter the negative influences that encourage underachievement, and shows how effective decision making can lead to a better life. Be the Awesome Man emphasizes that freedom requires responsibility and offers specific guides and advice for taking full responsibility and control over one’s life.

Combining old-fashioned wisdom, a critical analysis of modern culture, and a pragmatic program of character development, Be the Awesome Man offers a better way of life for young men who want to break out of mediocrity and underachievement.

$18.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 260 pages

ISBN 978-1-61035-337-3


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by Sandi Schwartz

Gold Winner, Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards

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Publication Date: May 3, 2022

Raise calmer, happier, healthier children with these fun, hands-on nature activities for parents and kids to enjoy together.

Are your kids stressed? Are they feeling a bit down? Do your children—and you—need a break from screens? Nature can help. What we all suspected intuitively for generations, science has now confirmed: spending time connecting to nature is a safe, effective tool to help improve our health and happiness.

In Finding Ecohappiness, author Sandi Schwartz guides families in building regular habits of experiencing nature to reduce stress and boost mood. She explores key positive psychology tools from a nature-loving perspective. You will learn some simple, practical tips for incorporating these tools—awe and gratitude, mindfulness, creative arts, outdoor play and adventure, volunteering, food, and animals—into your daily routine to help your children thrive and live a happy, balanced life.

Finding Ecohappiness will introduce you to all kinds of engaging nature activities you can do with your kids, from hiking and bike rides to visiting nature centers and science museums to volunteering outdoors to embarking on ecotourism adventures. In addition, you will discover unique nature relaxation activities like cow cuddling, animal yoga, forest bathing, float therapy, and earthing. Nature isn’t just for kids, either—doing these activities with your children will tremendously improve your own well-being, too.

A must-read for all families, Finding Ecohappiness will help protect children from feeling stressed and overwhelmed; manage children’s issues with stress, anxiety, and mood; and improve family togetherness.

$19.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 292 pages

ISBN 978-0-941936-50-7


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by Doug Stowe

Publication Date: March 22, 2022

A guide to living fully and humanely by learning the wisdom of authentic manual work

Many of us live in a world of constant abstraction, immersed in our heads and our screens. But there is a deeper wisdom to be found in working with our hands in the real world. In The Wisdom of Our Hands, craftsman and educator Doug Stowe shows how working with our hands, either professionally or as a hobby, is essential for a full education and a full life.

Based on his 45 years as a woodworker and 25 years as a teacher of handcrafts, Stowe argues that human beings have a natural need to express themselves creatively through tangible work. The use of one’s hands and whole body to make physical things and reshape our surroundings promotes both physical and mental health and fosters a sense of mastery in both young and adult students.

A life of craftsmanship offers the opportunity and obligation to define one’s own values. Drawing on his experiences living and working in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a town dedicated to handcrafts and arts, Stowe demonstrates how craft work can create community, forge deeper social bounds, and foster a saner attitude about the value of human labor and material goods.

Written for everyone who wants to reconnect with the deep experience of the human body at work, The Wisdom of Our Hands is a quietly radical call to spiritual (and physical) action.

$16.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 180 pages

ISBN 978-1-61035-501-8


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by Victoria Waller, Ed.D.

Publication Date: June 7, 2022. Click here to preview the book.

Help and hope for parents of children with learning differences.

Every child can succeed in school and life, but some children need more help than others. For over 40 years, internationally acclaimed reading specialist and student advocate Dr. Victoria E. Waller has helped children who have trouble reading, who can’t sit still in class, who don’t feel like they can participate—children whom teachers have all but given up on. In Yes! Your Child Can, Dr. Waller shares with parents, teachers, and therapists her proven techniques to create success for children with learning differences and draw out the singular genius within your child.

In compassionate, nontechnical, easy-to-understand language, Yes! Your Child Can gives step-by-step guidance on how to help your child achieve in school and build lifelong intellectual confidence. Drawing on the latest science and her own wide-ranging experience, Dr. Waller explains why it’s important to pay attention to your first gut feeling that your child may need extra help and shows how to navigate testing, medication, and choosing a team to help your child.

Most importantly, Yes! Your Child Can shows you how to use your child’s natural strengths and passions to build their academic, social, and personal confidence. Dr. Waller empowers parents to let their children follow their own interests, whether that’s learning about sharks, reading to the dog, or building with Legos and writing about their creations. With Dr. Waller’s help, learning can be motivating and fun. Dr. Waller’s techniques are smart, caring, and effective with any child, no matter their current or past educational difficulties.

Respectful, compassionate, and offering real help, Yes! Your Child Can is the first book every parent of a child with learning differences should read.

$18.95 US • Trade Paperback • 6″ x 9″ • 220 pages

ISBN 978-1-610353-86-1


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Subtitle: “How to Care for Your Loved One without Getting Overwhelmed…and without Doing It All Yourself”

One of America’s most trusted names in relationship therapy brings much-needed help to overburdened caregivers in Dr. Ruth’s Guide for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver.

Dr. Ruth has a simple and straightforward message for Alzheimer’s caregivers: You are not alone. There are resources and a community that can give you the help you need to take care of your loved one and have a life, too. Dr. Ruth knows you need help and she presents the best strategies, tactics, tips, tricks, resources and attitudes to create the most supportive environment possible for you and your loved one.



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Encouraged and supported by her colleague and mentor, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Fanslow-Brunjes


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In Signature for Success, New Updated Edition, Arlyn J. Imberman shares her handwriting-analysis techniques to help you better understand yourself, your coworkers, and your friends and family, thus improving your relationships.



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Subtitle: “How Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness, and Early Death — and Exercise Alone Won’t”

Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division, presents a comprehensive scientific explanation for why Americans are so unhealthy — and delivers the solution, an easy-to-follow, scientifically proven plan to restore Americans’ health.

In her groundbreaking research at NASA, Vernikos discovered that living with constant resistance to the force of gravity is essential to good health. In weightlessness, astronauts, who are far fitter than the average adult, seem to rapidly age; their muscles, bones and overall health degenerate to levels usually seen in elderly people.

Searching for a way to duplicate this degeneration in volunteer medical subjects on Earth, Vernikos found that keeping subjects resting and immobile caused the same health problems as extended weightlessness. Vernikos’ NASA studies are the only research that has provided a complete explanation for why sitting is so bad for health. Excessive sitting, like extended weightlessness, removes the body from its natural condition of constantly resisting gravity. Being weightless rapidly ages the body; staying immobile has the same effect as being weightless; and therefore modern American sedentary lifestyles promote rapid aging and poor health.


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While moving never is simple, moving after one has reached the age of 60 often presents its own special challenges.


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Learn how to navigate through the all-to-often concurrent maze of prescriptions and tests with an eye to discerning their necessity and value and learn how to save time and money while doing it.
Especially beneficial to those facing a serious or prolonged illness, this book will appeal to everyone who goes to a doctor as well as those who act as medical advocates for their children, aging parents, or others.



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Revving up the Passion, Romance and Excitement!

Many people enjoy the best sex of their lives after 50! More passionate, more thrilling, and more satisfying sex. Dr. Ruth guides people through the process of regaining or maintaining a healthy sex life in later years.


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Tell me,  just exactly how DO you bargain for the best price on a cemetery plot when you are going to use that land to dig a hole and put your sister in it? With humor and efficiency, Death for Beginners guides family members through the stressful and bewildering process of tending to a loved one’s final needs.



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 “Negotiating the Minefields of Mid-Life Romance”



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