Self-help for young men: “Be the Awesome Man” blazes a path out of male underachievement

Young men are in crisis. More and more young men are not attaining standard benchmarks of maturity, such as entering and graduating from higher education or trade school, establishing their financial independence and living on their own. This generation of young men in crisis will find a sympathetic but firm mentor to better living in our new self-help book Be the Awesome Man: A Young Man’s Guide to Achieving Discipline, Success, and Happiness by Dennis Gazarek

Written for young men ages 16 to 25, Be the Awesome Man gives an unsugarcoated message that boys become men only through the traditional male values of discipline, honor and accomplishment. Drawing on his real-world experience as a coach, mentor and father, Gazarek teaches that young men must return to age-old ideals that have inspired generations of high-achieving men: virtue, self-discipline, moral integrity and postponing immediate pleasures in order to accomplish more important goals.

Gazarek argues that modern society has laid a fatal trap for young men by making it easy to defer adult responsibilities indefinitely, leading to a condition he calls “super-adolescence.” The super-adolescent man has the external appearance of an adult, but his behavior is that of an immature teenager. As Gazarek puts it, “We have full-grown men behaving as man-children, seeking fun while rejecting the responsibility and benefits of adulthood.”

In opposition to the super-adolescent, Gazarek offers readers the ideal of the “Awesome Man,” a fully mature man who honors his commitments, pursues a meaningful life and — most important — maintains high ethical standards and treats other people well. Says Gazarek, “The Awesome Man is virtuous, disciplined and caring, and always mindful of the consequences of his actions. He does not exploit, hate or ridicule; instead he teaches, guides, mentors, helps and cares for others.”

Be the Awesome Man gives readers specific plans, practices, benchmarks and exercises to put that commitment into action, presenting simple one-day goals that are achievable and take the reader one step further toward being an Awesome Man. Worksheets help readers articulate their values and personal goals, and profiles of successful, compassionate and responsible men inspire readers to emulate their example.

Be the Awesome Man covers topics that every young man struggles with, including: overcoming fear; developing a positive, growth-oriented mindset; becoming self-disciplined; developing a strong work ethic and productive habits; developing a strong character and high ethical standards; forming emotional attachments and social bonds; developing competence; and identifying one’s core values and developing a sense of purpose.

Combining old-fashioned wisdom, a critical analysis of modern culture and a tough-minded program of character development, Be the Awesome Man is a must-read guide for young men who want to achieve lasting success and personal happiness. Get your copy today.


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