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Gear Up to Break the Coloring Mold!
Illustrated by Robert Pizzo

Put your artistic mind in gear for a stimulating and invigorating coloring Experience in Industrial Strength Coloring Book.

Designed by top-ranked commercial illustrator Robert Pizzo, Industrial Strength Coloring Book will immerse you in a modern world of industry, factory, tools, and machinery.

Intricate, mandala-like images of gears, sawblades, assembly lines, loading docks, and other industrial installations will give you hours of intense calming focus.

Designed for a superior coloring experience, Industrial Strength Coloring Book features thick, high-quality paper, printed on only one side, gives you a smooth, firm coloring surface with no bleed-through, and perforated pages let your share and preserve your creative work.

The perfect coloring book for busy minds that love activity and purpose, Industrial Strength Coloring Book will efficiently increase your production of fun!

About the Illustrator: Robert Pizzo is a graphic designer whose clients have included The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Verizon, Coke, Pepsi, and Macy’s. He has won awards from PRINT, SND, GRAPHIS, HOW, DESI, AR100, SPD. Someone at Adweek called him “The Most Un-Neurotic Artist I’ve Ever Met.” Pizzo lives in southwestern Connecticut with his wife and daughter.


$12.95 ($16.95 Canada)
Trade Paperback • 8½” x 10” • 108 pages
ISBN 978-1-61035-288-8


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It’s perhaps the most famous highway in the world — California State Highway 1, a narrow strip of roadway between the cliffs and the ocean on the very edge of the continent. Blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, inspiring ocean views and the echoes of California history, Highway 1 is a scenic drive like no other.

The sequel to the authors’ acclaimed book An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 North, An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 Central takes the reader on a unique literary and artistic journey through the natural and man-made beauty of California’s central coast.

Lavishly illustrated with over 120 original full-color Pat Hunter watercolors depicting gorgeous landscapes and architectural treasures, An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 Central is a thinking person’s travel guide that reveals hidden treasures and unexpected delights.

Written as a memoir of the authors’ tour along the highway, the book takes an appealingly idiosyncratic perspective, as the authors record their explorations off the beaten path, their serendipitous discoveries, and their personal reactions to the places and people they encounter.

Going far beyond the usual travel guide, An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 Central is a literary and artistic collaboration that captures a very personal experience of a journey, illuminated by a deep historical awareness of the places, people and events of Highway 1 and the California coast.

Perfect for keeping in the car or planning ahead at home,  An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 Central directs the reader to points of interest, sights to see and places to stay and the best seafood restaurants on the coast, giving readers everything they need to organize their own personal Highway 1 journeys.


Hardcover • 11″ x 8½” • 130 pages
ISBN 978-1-61035-219-2
Art • BISAC ART016010
Over 120 Original Full Color Illustrations



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Unusual as they seem, underground buildings are surprisingly common.

Every day, tens of thousands in North America work, shop, dine, study, and play in the more than three hundred public and commercial structures and five thousand private homes nestled in the earth.

Underground buildings are safe, attractive, useful, and comfortable places to frequent and live. Unlike a common misconception, most are dry and warm, and they are often sun-filled.
More than one hundred underground buildings are included in this fascinating subterranean tour. These buildings range from the famous to the unnoticed. Some were built for pragmatic reasons, others for aesthetic considerations, still others, for a combination of both.

There are impressive success stories and discouraging tales of failure. Some underground buildings are incredibly energy-efficient, for example, while others leaked so badly they were abandoned.

A vast spectrum of structures is presented, ranging from stunning examples of hidden opulence to humble subterranean cubbyholes where unassuming people immerse themselves in nature


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America’s favorite sex therapist, analyzes ancient myth and its relevance to 21st century relationships in her new book Myths of Love: Echoes of Greek and Roman Mythology in the Modern Romantic Imagination. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, love was sweet, but it was also irrational, cruel, and often deadly. Faced with the terrible paradox of love, classical civistories of classic archetypes such as Narcissus, Helen of Troy, and Venus and Adonis.

Dr. Ruth and classical scholar Jerome E. Singerman insightfully examine the underlying psychology of the ancient myths and explain why their universal appeal has shaped the imagination of Western civilization for millennia. Myths of Love traces how these myths have endured in literature and art across the centuries and how they still influence how we think about sex and relationships today.

Surveying a vast range of Greek and Roman literature from Homer to Ovid, Myths of Love retells and reconsiders the full gamut of human sexual experience, from the tenderest expressions of married love to the savage, self-destructive passions of narcissism and jealousy. Myths of Love is a delightful introduction to classical mythology, showing how the ancients grappled with modern dilemmas such as gender identity, female sexual pleasure, and intellectual equality between the sexes.

A stimulating blend of art, science, ancient religion, and the passions and contradictions of the human heart, Myths of Love is a smart and sexy revisit to the roots of Western culture’s eternal fascination with love.


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Fabulous Finds: How Expert Appraiser Lee Drexler Sold Wall Street’s Charging Bull, Found Hidden Treasures and Mingled with the Rich & Famous gives readers an insider’s experience of the glamorous world of high-value art and antiquities deals, as lived by Lee Drexler, a leading appraiser of fine art, furniture, antiques and jewelry for over 35 years.

Drexler reveals the inside story on many of the unique, high-profile appraisals she’s performed in her career,  including her legendary appraisal of Charging Bull, the iconic Wall Street statue. Every art object has a human  story behind it, and Drexler’s work on evaluating the possessions of the wealthy, famous, tasteful and vulgar has  given her a novelist’s eye for bizarre tales and revelations of human character.

Fabulous Finds dishes on Drexler’s memorable and revealing encounters with celebrities, including Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Luciano Pavarotti, as well as some comic situations she’d rather forget—like when a famous  rock star tried to get her into his bed. From the Hollywood star who treated Drexler like an honored guest, to the  billionaire’s wife who begrudged her a few pieces of lettuce, to the beautiful young trophy wife who showed up  for an appraisal nude, Fabulous Finds shows fascinating people being themselves.

Fabulous Finds also offers a wealth of insider’s advice on how to get the most out of buying and selling fine art,  furniture, jewelry, antiques and collectibles. Drexler’s advice won’t make you an instant expert— but her hard- won knowledge of the inside world of art appraisals will help anyone to avoid being cheated. You’ll never look at antiques—or the people who buy and sell them—the same way again.


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It’s perhaps the most famous highway in the world — California State Highway 1, a narrow strip of roadway between the cliffs and the ocean on the very edge of the continent. Blessed with spectacular natural landscapes, inspiring ocean views and the echoes of California history, Highway 1 is a scenic drive like no other.

An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 North is a unique literary and artistic guidebook that draws the reader on along the northern half of Highway 1, from the Bixby Bridge south of Carmel to Leggett in extreme northern California, as seen through the eyes of a fine artist and a writer.

Lavishly illustrated with over 100 original full-color Pat Hunter watercolors depicting the natural and man-made glories of California’s coast, An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 North is a thinking person’s travel guide that reveals hidden treasures and unexpected delights.


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