The Secret Instruction Manual to Adulthood they should have given you when you turned 18

You’re sending the kids off to college in the fall, but are you sure they know how to take care of themselves? Can they cook? Do they know how to budget? Can they handle basic household maintenance? You can either pray that that you’ve taught them SOMETHING about surviving in the real world — or you can give them a copy of our newest book, Living On Your Own: The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Money, Your Space, and Your Life” by Pierre A. Lehu.

In an era when even adults are kind of faking it (full disclosure — I have no idea how to cook a real omelet), most of us never learn the fine points of managing a household like a real grown-up. “Living On Your Own” covers all the stuff a young person should know and most middle-aged people need to learn better, teaching hundreds of tips on budgeting, finding a place to live, cleaning, laundry, home repairs, plumbing, health, food, banking, personal relationships, legal issues, taxes, and even more boring grown-up stuff — all designed to save time, money, and trouble.

Living On Your Own” is The Secret Instruction Manual to Adulthood that you wish your parents had given you when you turned 18. So give your kids the advantages you didn’t have, and get them a copy today.

Living On Your Own Cover

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