Classic science fiction returns in new short story collection “Freak Show of the Gods”

Robert W. Bly is primarily known as one of the most influential and prolific business writers ever, with over 85 books to his name, including “How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit” and “Start Your Own Home Business After 50”. But Bly is also known for his love of science fiction, as revealed in other works like “The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book” and “The Science in Science Fiction.”

We are extremely honored to present Bly’s own original science fiction stories in the new collection “Freak Show of the Gods: And Other Stories of the Bizarre.” In “Freak Show of the Gods,” Bly has written 33 gems of classic science fiction in the tradition of Ray Bradbury and The Twilight Zone—thought-provoking stories that explore the human condition through the lens of the fantastic with stunning science fiction ideas and surprising ironic O. Henry twists.

Some the encounters with the bizarre that you will find in “Freak Show of the Gods”:

—“Van Helsing’s Last Stand”: The vampire hunter and his great enemy have one last battle … over book royalties, movie rights and merchandising.

—“Early Retirement”: An aging superhero is denied Social Security benefits … with tragic results.

—“Freak Show of the Gods”: When the Gods of Olympus show up at a county fair in New Jersey, an ordinary single dad is forced to reveal his most dangerous secret.

—“Tax Time”: A genius inventor’s plan to build a time machine can be stopped by only one force in the universe … an IRS audit.

—“The Emancipation of Abraham Lincoln XL-3000”: The Abraham Lincoln automaton at Disney World begs his creators to set him free.

—And 28 more strange, offbeat and bizarre tales that present the classic science fiction spirit in bold new ways.

Get your copy of this magnificent collection today.

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